7 EazyHold grip assists on tools to help the disabled hold objects of daily living
Eazyhold 7 pack of various sized silicone universal cuffs for holding and adapting objects of daily living.
Disabled woman with stroke holds an adapted hairbrush with a U Cuff.
Special needs mother and child uses eazyhold adaptive eating utensils to hold spoons.
Women with grip issues hold a comb with a yellow silicone eazyhold on her 3 fingers.
Child with cerebral palsy eating with a tiny pediatric silicone universal cuff.
Child playing the drums with lavender eazyhold adaptive drumstick holders.
EazyHold Therapist/Teacher 7 Pack
EazyHold Therapist/Teacher 7 Pack
womens hand with arthritis using a pencil adapted with a silicone band
Child playing with bells using a pink eazy hold to grasp the toy.
Hands with poor motor skills use a universal cuff for adapted kitchen utensils

EazyHold Therapist/Teacher 7 Pack

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EazyHold Therapist / Teacher Pack Soft silicone EazyHold daily living aids for Special Education Teachers and Occupational Therapists who would like a variety of sizes to fit many ages and abilities from infant to adult. This pack comes with 7 U cuffs for a wide range of activities. Perfect for schools, hospitals, therapy centers, and home use for a variety of daily living activities and recreation. (Best pack if you're not sure what size fits you or your child's hand.)

  • Non-toxic, BPA and latex free
  • Adjustable, Versatile, and flexible.
  • Hygienic, dishwashable, quick drying and does not harbor bacteria
  • Easily transfers to a variety of objects
  • Put the tool in hand for more sensory perception

The 100% silicone assistive devices take the place of other non-hygienic adaptive equipment, and disability aids.

Little Yellow smallest EZ fits kids hands, or an adults finger or two. Infants can hold a teether or rattle for self-soothing. Kids can hold a spoon, crayon. pencil, toothbrush or toy all by themselves! And for adults, you can use the yellow EZ for fingertip control of a stylus, pen, crochet hook, rat tail comb or makeup pencils beautifully!
Pretty Pink EZ is for kids 2 to 5 and is just a bit bigger than the yellow. Just right for holding onto all kinds of items for play and school. How about a marker, a fork, toothbrush or a Barbie doll? The little pink EZ will hold them all, and give your little one the freedom they need to learn to accomplish and achieve! Made of non-toxic latex-free silicone, and designed to last!
This Green EZ has holes a little wider to help hold fatter objects like a child's electric toothbrush, hairbrush, baton or light stick. Will also comfortably fit children's eating utensils, paintbrushes, and other fun artists tools for control and independence. This one is a little larger than the pink to fit action figures, drum sticks, and toy box items easily for fun and self-play!
The versatile Blue EZ fits children to small handed adults. From a child's gait trainer or bicycle to get a better handhold. Put on an electric toothbrush for EZ no fuss brushing. Attach to toys and musical instruments. Slip this EZ onto tools and  kitchen implements like large spoons and peelers. Use on beauty products and makeup brushes. Even use on horseback riding reins to give you a reliable gripping experience!     
Handy Orange EZ is super comfortable for youth to small handed adults for grooming, eating and playing. It has smaller holes to hold pencils, toothbrushes, paint brushes, dining ware, and art supplies comfortably. Flexible and adaptable it stretches over the implement to aid you with fine motor skills to help you gain a secure grip. Soap and water washable and fast drying! 
Our Lavender Utensil holder fits youth to adults hands. Unlike other cuffs, our EZ puts the tool in hand allowing for a greater sensory experience. Perfect for adapting forks, spoons and knives giving you a comfortable, hygienic and discrete way to dine. Take this with you when you travel. It fits all restaurant utensils plastic or metal. Also amazing for drumsticks and fine art implements. Safe and sanitary, put them right into the dishwasher basket for an easy clean!  
The big Aqua. Adaptable, flexible and sturdy. This fits adults hands for electric toothbrushes, walkers, gait trainers, exercise equipment, brooms and rakes, paint rollers, garden hoses, and outdoor equipment. For household and outdoor chores that require a sturdy grip and repetitive motion, this gives you the support and control necessary to finish the job effortlessly, with no grip necessary! Works great on the handles of tools to hang for easy and neat storage.

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