5 universal cuffs in yellow, aqua, blue, lavender, and orange hold a pencil, toothbrush, hairbrush, knife and fork for an effortless grip.
Asortment of 5 silicone eazyhold's Aqua, lavender, blue, orange, and yellow for adapting every day objects of daily life.
Two hands with cerebral palsy hold a fork and knife with lavender eazyhold's on the handles.
Senior with poor grip holds pencil to draw with an orange eazyhold.
Hands of a person with poor grip strength hold kitchen implements with the eazyhold aqua silicon universal cuffs.
Person with stroke holds her own broom and hose with the help of an eazyhold aqua grip aid.
Adult with grip disability using drumsticks modified with an assistive device to aid in grasp.
Teanager with limb loss holding a writing implement with a lavender eazyhold adaptive grip.
Child uses a blue eazyhold on his gait trainer to aid in walking.
Adult uses three fingers in a universal cuff to draw a picture.
Women holds a kitchen spoon with a blue silicone adapted strap.
EazyHold Youth to Adult 5 Pack

EazyHold Youth to Adult 5 Pack

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EazyHold Youth to Adult Five Pack has an assortment of straps for holding objects of daily living for ages 10 to adult. Designed to give persons with limited grip, hand strength or dexterity more controlled use of items like eating utensils, electric toothbrush, a walker or broom. Will also quickly adapt weighted eating utensils and kitchenware.

There are also sizes to adapt to writing utensils like a pen or stylus, art brushes, or makeup pencils. Will aid those people with hand tremors, weak grip or limb loss, the elderly, disabled, and those with conditions such as:       

Arthritis Pediatric and Rheumatoid

Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury 

Cerebral Palsy 

ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease 


Spinal cord injuries 

The EazyHold is discrete and can travel with you to adapt standard silverware, and is designed to assist individuals who experience difficulty feeding themselves for more independence. 


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