Two orange eazyhold's made of silicone that stretches over objects of daily living.
Woman with stroke grasps eating utensils with an inexpensive orange silicone eating aid
A child paints with the orange adaptive eazyhold silicone quad cuff
Woman holds an orange eazyhold adaptive stylus and is writing on an i-pad
Teen with limb loss using an adapted writing implement.
An orange EZ band on a pencil for adaptive writing and easier grip.
Little laughing girl with limb loss enjoys painting with the eazyhold orange universal cuff helping her to hold her paintbrush.
Cute boy is so happy he can hold his own spoon to eat with the orange eazyhold's help.
Mom with arthritis and child with pediatric arthritis hold spoons with the eazyhold silicone assistive devices gripped on their hands.
Hands gripping drumsticks that have been modified with easyhold silicone universal cuffs

EazyHold Orange Two Pack 5"

Regular price $ 15.99

EazyHold Orange Two Pack 5" Stretchy silicone grips assist you to hold daily living objects when you need help with fine or gross motor skills. For eating utensils, they adapt well on traditional flatware, tableware, plastic spoons or forks, and kitchen cutlery. This eating aid fits children to adults small hands or limb.

For grooming aids, use on toothbrushes or makeup brushes. Also a good choice for adapting fine art brushes, styluses, pencils, and even drumsticks!

  • For ages 5 and up to small handed Adults 
  • Made of hygienic 100% Silicone 
  • Adjustable for short or long implements
  • Washable at high temps and quick drying

Handy Orange EZ is super comfortable for youth to small handed adults for grooming, eating and playing. It has smaller holes to hold pencils, toothbrushes, paint brushes, dining ware, and art supplies comfortably. Flexible and adaptable it stretches over the implement to aid you with fine motor skills to help you gain a secure grip. Soap and water washable and fast drying!   

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